let love overflow

Love is made to be shared- and so is MudLOVE. On Overflow you'll find all the right choices for your fundraisers, family gatherings, squad gifts, stash for gifting to those who might need it. 

all the best things are mud

Shop by collections, products, staff recommendations, price point- anything you need. Still have questions? Our Customer Care team is always happy to help.


For Gifting
#1 best use for MudLOVE products? Giving them away. These products are here to fill your stash for the folks who need them.
For Events
For occasions, small to large, these muds are best for goodie bags, reminders and remembrances.
For A Cause
Perfect products for fundraising. Best-selling, ready to go and ready for you.

Shop By price point

Share the love of mud without breaking the bank. Our most affordable bracelets in a collection so you can share encouragement on any budget.
The middle of the road; all our classics, with those sweet, sweet bulk discounts. Some customizable options, and all goodness.
You know what you want; and what you want is only the best. Customize through images or stamped words to make this mud perfect for you.